A Better Second Amendment

It’s obvious in the language of our 2nd Amendment the purpose of this important constitutional amendment is our nation’s ability to raise ‘organized’ militia(s) to defend our nation from tyranny or invasion by outside invaders.

We do have a secondary force intended for these purposes.  Our states all have National Guard forces at the ready.  But, even if the National Guard does not constitute the ‘organized militia’ described in the 2nd amendment, it DOES represent a method/means for calling together an organized militia.  It would not be difficult AT ALL to administer all gun-ownership, save for true hunting guns (no handguns, no assault weapons, no military-style weapons).

It would not be difficult for our federal government to order our National Guard units to authorize/approve all firearm purchases in their states, to give them funding – and to require purchasers of semi-automatic “assault rifes”, and the semi-automatic handguns that have caused our nation so much sorrow, to check in and retrieve their weapons at the local National Guard Armory.  An “organized militia” does NOT require a willy-nilly disorganized group, or unregistered/unknown citizens keeping arms for whatever reason they might think adheres with the 2nd amendment.

Our nation, effectively, has zero gun control.  It disturbs the pacific and freedom-loving peoples of the world.

We do not sufficiently govern gun shows, as the city of Las Vegas invites on a weekly basis.  The documentation and paperwork requirements under our current gun control laws, are wayyy insufficient to address the problem of firearms transfers and sales via classified advertisements and these insufficiently governed gun shows.

There are simple things we can do, thanks to technology, to keep track of deadly weapons, assault rifles, weapons whose only real purpose is human-killing.  I don’t mind so much that individuals keep these types of weapons.  I am NOT an opponent to the 2nd amendment.  But we need much deeper investigations into these firearms buyers and their motivations.

And we need to know who these firearm owners are, and keep track of their activities.  This is so TOTALLY NOT a violation of 2nd amendment rights; but the NRA and other deep-pocketed organizations are taking an illogical and non-American dive below the Constitution’s intent.

It’s not difficult, either, to find the truth behind our Second Amendment.  In Switzerland, the head of every household is required to keep a rifle and required to report regularly (I think every two years) to the local military installation for training and psychological screening.  Switzerland has an incredibly low crime rate.

Nationalism is an incredibly important issue, here, because we have so little of such sentiment.  Conservatives AND liberals are fighting among themselves – and neither is willing to admit or abstain from the “government tittie” of money from gun lobbyists.

We have some very fine firearm manufactures here in the US.  We should be proud that, over the last 200 years, Americans have come to produce such beautiful weapons.  It is our heritage.  But NOT because of the second amendment and NOT because we ever intended our firearm manufacturers to somehow create/manage the requirements of an organized militia.

The federalists, early on, wanted this difficulty managed by the states.  Some of our states have done a good job.  But we cannot have protected borders or “organized militias” so long as individuals or unauthorized militias get to make up the rules, and it will NEVER work so long as states like Texas and Arizona continue to defy the intent of the 2nd amendment.

Mexico has the highest murder rate in the world.  A wacko shoots and kills 60 people in Las Vegas while the organized crime people in Mexico kill that many people every day.  Acapulco, once a beautiful honeymoon destination, is now the 2nd most dangerous city in the world. Even Baghdad is safer than Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta.

And the number one source of firearms going into Mexico (where firearms are strictly prohibited and solely available to thugs on the black market) is gun shows and lax gun-dealers in the US Southwest.  The Las Vegas massacre was horrific.  But the same system which allowed the assailant to acquire so many deadly firearms also allows those firearms to be purchased and smuggled into Mexico.  Nearly 100% of all firearms in Mexico are illegal under Mexican law; yet the proliferation of US-acquired firearms and dangerous weapons is “consistent with US policy”.

The Nuevo Jalisco cartel now has military-grade weapons.  They’ve shot down two military aircraft and assassinated scores of Mexican federal agents.  On a single afternoon of bloodshed they set fire to federal banks and gasoline depots all across the city of Guadalajara.

So what the fuck is the CIA doing?  Huh huh?  Is our government really doing anything to infiltrate/decapitate these organizations?  The CJNG (Jalisco Nueva Generatión Cartel) is probably the greatest threat to US security, and right here on our own continent.  The organization has virtually unlimited access, now, to all of the Southwest border and all of our major US cities.

The “motherfucker” who sat in the Mandalay Resort with cheaply modified high-powered rifles and sprayed bullets down on a concentration of people, was a coward.  He committed the ultimate acts of arrogance and cowardice.  I’m not sure his soul will ever be resolved.  I pray God will forgive him because I know we cannot.

But I promise you – without any doubt – the CJNC has all the firepower, logistics, and capability to easily take large areas of the SW United States.

It’s wayy too late to be talking about gun laws in the US.  We’ve allowed an unrestricted flow of US arms into Mexico – a country where there are no “gun stores” and gun-ownership is illegal.  Our country is giving small-arms (automatic assault rifles, anti-aircraft weapons, and mining arms) to people in Syria and Iraq who have no TRUE alliance to any modern or western security proposals.

The problem ALWAYS comes down to the power of the National Rifle Association to defend and promote gun violence and mass killing.  Surely, the people of the United States can stand up to this organization’s heinous and dangerous agenda.  The NRA might say it cares that a guy with 20+ rifles attacked and killed so many innocent people; but this is NOT the message they promote to our national congress.  Not at all.

There are easy solutions to prevent the sort of thing that happened Sunday night in Las Vegas.  If we cannot implement such simple solutions then ALL Americans must stand up and stand against congress and the NRA.

We don’t have an issue with the 2nd amendment (as it was intended) but we DO have a serious problem with a government that wantonly allows the sort of firearm ownership that allowed the Las Vegas massacre.

Why does any individual need to possess 20+ military-grade semi-automatic and automatic weapons??  Do we really have BATF records (yellow-sheets) for all the weaponry this guy had?  Explosives found in his house?  Why did he need those and how did he get them?

I guarantee.  The answers to these questions will ALL come down to the severe problem we have with federal firearm regulations.

It’s time to do something different.  If we, as a culture, can disregard the NRA then I am 100% confident we can preserve the spirit of our 2nd amendment.  If we ALLOW the NRA to run our government and shun the peacefulness of the American people, then it’s time to begin holding the NRA directly accountable for mass shootings in our country.

If you see someone with an NRA sticker on their vehicle in a parking lot, be prepared and be courageous.  Go paint “murderer” on that vehicle.  It is time to rise up and stand against these lone-killers and terrorist groups who thrive on our ridiculous gun laws.  March against gun shows and gun dealers in your community.  We can’t back down.