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For lack of a good text-editor… Let your Country hang out. Fly a big rebel flag out in front of your house; Yeah, let your Country hang out. If you’re proud of where you’re from Then you’re a Son of the South.

It doesn’t exist and we’re all nuts.  I wish we could all afford BB, or Textwrangler; but some of us be broke som’bitches.  What should WE do if we need to write out a contract, some prose, a short-story (most of our stories aren’t long), or – God forbid – some street poetry or lyrics? I guess we just use this stupid-ass Text Edit application that comes with all these Mac laptop computers. That’s just so low and so wrong. I’m a writer, though, and I’m gonna break y’all motherfuckers.  I want my writer friends… Read Article →

Most who know me are well aware I’m a bleeding heart liberal.  I tend to vote and make decisions on a socialist ballot. But I disagree with democrats and liberals on the subject of climate change. When you look at the WHOLE PICTURE of our Earth’s climate, particularly it’s times of heat and cold, it really is difficult to believe we humans will have that much effect on the planet’s outcome.  Our planet has been through many many severe temperature changes, long before humans evolved. It’s hard for me to believe our planet’s current warming… Read Article →

Just in time for Christmas, our temperatures have dropped by a lot – and there’s at least a hint we’ll have some snow over the weekend.  We’ve been surprisingly warm and snow-free so far this Winter.  I don’t think the far northern mountains have even got much snow. I guess I picked the wrong year to live in Taos, as we had a lot of snow last year.   Enough to remind me thoroughly that I don’t like cold wet weather!!  

I was discharged a week ago from an intensive psychiatric program, with a referral to an excellent PhD psychologist who will be helping me to work – aggressively – to put some lifelong troubles behind me: namely an inability to handle/process grief and (for longterm engagement) issues with self-esteem, FOO, all the deeper stuff that may take years to resolve.  I’m in.  I have all the time in the world. I have such an awesome homegroup in the fellowship.  They’ve been behind me and right by my side through nearly a month in the hospital…. Read Article →

I wanna fly my big rebel flag.  The war against northern aggression had so little to do with slavery and so much to do with economic fortitude. Sorry.  I’m an advocate of civil rights and I do feel the outcome of the American Civil War was fair and good, all Americans benefitted and our cultures were finally able to freely mix. The rebel flag, though (in my mind) has nothing to do with race or discrimination.  It’s a symbol of rebellion.  People from the south seem to be better at this rebellion stuff. But we… Read Article →

We MUST resist the worldly distractions of violence.  We MUST resist our temptation to go out and buy firearms.  The firearm industry in the US is NOT Christian.  We can no longer tolerate this behavior.  We’ve bastardized the 2nd amendment of our constitution and we’ve become a people of violence.  We’ve become a non-Christian people.  It’s time to stop this. Confront your neighbor.  Confront those who keep firearms.  It is time for the courageous Christian people of our nation to say, “Shoot me.  I’ll lay down right here and now because Jesus Christ is my… Read Article →

and go out in the street to shoot at each other. I am so fucking angry about the way our country has treated the firearm issue.  NOBODY in a free and peaceful nation needs an AR-15 or AK-47 rifle.  NOBODY. NOBODY in a free and peaceful nation needs a large-magazine handgun.  NOBODY. Our second amendment is valid.  We need our ability to quickly raise a popular militia.  But we do NOT need citizens keeping multiples of military-style weapons. Paddock was NOT to blame for the Las Vegas massacre.  Paddock was sick.  A seriously sick individual… Read Article →

It’s obvious in the language of our 2nd Amendment the purpose of this important constitutional amendment is our nation’s ability to raise ‘organized’ militia(s) to defend our nation from tyranny or invasion by outside invaders. We do have a secondary force intended for these purposes.  Our states all have National Guard forces at the ready.  But, even if the National Guard does not constitute the ‘organized militia’ described in the 2nd amendment, it DOES represent a method/means for calling together an organized militia.  It would not be difficult AT ALL to administer all gun-ownership, save… Read Article →

Saw an interesting interview this morning with Chris Christie, on MSNBC. Christie seems to be throwing the whole Trump administration under the bus.  That doesn’t make Christie a good guy, but yet another Trumpster slowly turning against Donald Trump. Christie did make a reference to “classic Trump style.”  I have a hard time putting the words “classic” or “style” in the same sentence as the name of Donald Trump. The man ain’t got no style, let alone classic style.  

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