Best free text editing for Apple/Mac (cross-platform)?

It doesn’t exist and we’re all nuts.  I wish we could all afford BB, or Textwrangler; but some of us be broke som’bitches.  What should WE do if we need to write out a contract, some prose, a short-story (most of our stories aren’t long), or – God forbid – some street poetry or lyrics?

I guess we just use this stupid-ass Text Edit application that comes with all these Mac laptop computers.

That’s just so low and so wrong.

I’m a writer, though, and I’m gonna break y’all motherfuckers.  I want my writer friends on the street to be able to write with me.  There’s a lot of ’em.

I can write this on my own.  I was hoping someone in the WP community could recommend, guide, help.