Boycott the AMC Television Network

What kind of idiot thinks it’s a good idea to advertise handguns on television??

The national AMC television network ran a commercial during prime time last night for Glock handguns.  It was disturbing, provocative, and irresponsible.

While I think we’ve grossly misinterpreted the intent of our constitutional 2nd amendment, this is not a discussion of whether responsible citizens should have firearms – it’s a discussion of corporate media responsibility.

Gun violence is a serious problem in the US, and it’s worsening rapidly.   Guns sold in the US are quickly slipping across the border into neighboring Mexico, too, where nearly 100% fall into the hands of gangsters who’ve already murdered thousands.

Advertising and trying to sell more guns, put more guns on the streets, is simply not acceptable behavior.  Period.

I’m a US citizen whose ancestors fought and died so that I don’t have to own a gun or live in fear.

AMC, your behavior is offensive, dangerous, irresponsible and un-American.