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Such a great blues voice and such charisma.  Here’s a damn good tribute by Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone.  I’ve not seen/heard anything by Joss that didn’t remind me of Janis.  She and Melissa together is just over the fuckin’ top..    

The 10:00PM_CDT reports from NOAA/NWS confirm Hurricane Harvey came ashore this evening over St Joseph’s Island and Port Aransas TX, then struck mainland Texas at Rockport. Harvey is predicted to bring strong thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and flooding  across much of Texas. Wind and storm-surge damage at Port Aransas will be significant. All those pretty dunes – and the lower floors of the Mayan Princess (for example) – are underwater. Stormtrack forecasts are tricky as Harvey moves onto the mainland. Several forecast tracks show the core of this storm doubling back – around Victoria – and… Read Article →

I’ve paid off my 2016 Buick, along with lots of credit-card debt from the time I was with my 2nd wife (a big spender); and guess what!  I’m approved for zero-interest financing of a new Harley Davidson Sportster!  It includes safety training and everything I need for a New Mexico motorcycle license.  I’m really jazzed. Here’s the 883 I saw today at the dealership: This is a 2017.  The one I am looking at is a 2018 and it’s completely blacked out.  Really a great close-range bike.  I want it!      

Kalya Scintilla played Saturday night at the Startribe music festival on Taos Mesa – and his show was excellent!  The whole Startribe experience was an ideal introduction, for me, to the local scene.  Playing music outdoors here is complicated by our infamous wind (especially out on the mesa!), but I thought the sound system was up to the task.  We were on our feet wigglin’ for nearly all of Scintilla’s set. I was pleased to see so many splendid dancers live in the community, and thrilled by all the fire dancing and poi! There was… Read Article →

The only thing epic about Texas Rising, the new miniseries running on History Channel, is the degree to which it does NOT depict the Texas war for independence. The Battle of Gonzalez on October 2, 1835 marked the start of the Texas revolt against Mexico. Texans had refused to relinquish a cannon to the Mexican army at Gonzalez. Instead, they raised a homemade flag bearing an image of the cannon and the words “Come And Take It”. It’s a critical part of the story of Texas independence, and critical to understanding the mindset of the… Read Article →

At least Adrian Gomez and the Albuquerque Journal acknowledge that EDM exists. Crystal Method is certainly a legend of the genre – and I’m sure the show at Santa Ana Casino was good – but Albuquerque draws plenty of older acts who are legends of their respective genres. Gomez also covered the appearance of RL Grime who, at the other end of the historic spectrum, has only released a handful of recordings and barely begun having an impact on bass music and EDM. Like nearly every act in the genre, though, these guys are basically… Read Article →

  How awesome is this?!?!  Six days before the ABQ show he’s dropped a fantastic new record!  I hope he plays the whole album tomorrow night! Yayy!  Yayy!  and more Yayy! Listen to the new album here!  

What an awesome little scooter!  The Icebear Mad Dog is a 49cc scooter that borrows from the stripped-down minibike styling of the Honda Ruckus; but with better performance and a sweet pricetag: under $1500 for most models.  I wouldn’t ride it on the interstate but for local trips to the grocery, around the ‘hood, or even light trails, it’s a totally rude little rig!

This was my first visit to Ghost Ranch, a spiritual retreat in New Mexico that’s frequented by painters and sculptors from around the world.  I stayed near the western-most spot where Georgia O’Keefe is known to have painted, though her painting of the same subject came out a little different from mine!   Ghost Ranch – 14″ x 10″, Gouche and ink on paper.  

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