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Life really DID seem to be a fairytale.  I was living with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known, in an old magic adobe house, just above the river.  Our road would take you down along our river, through its canyon, until you reached the John Dunn Bridge on the Rio Bravo.  Our Rio Hondo joined the Bravo just below that bridge. I painted two of the best things I’ve ever done during that period. I learned that magpies are not all they’re cracked up to be, though watching them frequently cracked me up! I’d… Read Article →

These guys have been in the trees behind the house for the last couple of weeks.  We’ve seen many more than we saw last year, maybe because of all the rain we’ve had.  It rained more than an inch here last week.    

These are starting to come in to the feeders now that it’s been cold for some time. They seem to come around more when there’s some snow. They’re very small and cute! Also very round! That black cape makes them easy to spot against a snowy background!!

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