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So we got a better setup and more tips for this show – and plenty of people asking for our cards to book events.  Yayy!  Kudos to 2LiveStu for crewin’ and keepin’ the place hoppin’!

2liveStu and I will be playin’ another afternoon show on August 27th; so come have a frosty drink and chill with the crew! Starbucks US 183 & Braker Ln We’ll probably be mixing by 2pm and wrappin’ up at 5pm…  

BabyDuck and 2liveStu performed a 3-hour mix for the help and customers in the Starbucks at 183 & Braker on Sunday evening, and the reception was fantastic! Thanks to all our friends, and especially the great people who work at that Starbucks, for stopping by and contributing valuable suggestions (and tips, too!). I think 2live grabbed some quick photos with his new smartphone so, if we’re lucky, I can get a photo added here. Stay tuned for advance notice of our next outing! Cha cha cha!

July 10th in the afternoon, 4:30 to close. Very low-key, mostly electro downbeat clubby stuff and some caribbean spice. Looking forward to working with new stu crew! Starbucks Breve Bar at 183 and Braker Ln Pirate up, y’all! See you on the 10th!

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