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Most who know me are well aware I’m a bleeding heart liberal.  I tend to vote and make decisions on a socialist ballot. But I disagree with democrats and liberals on the subject of climate change. When you look at the WHOLE PICTURE of our Earth’s climate, particularly it’s times of heat and cold, it really is difficult to believe we humans will have that much effect on the planet’s outcome.  Our planet has been through many many severe temperature changes, long before humans evolved. It’s hard for me to believe our planet’s current warming… Read Article →

Just in time for Christmas, our temperatures have dropped by a lot – and there’s at least a hint we’ll have some snow over the weekend.  We’ve been surprisingly warm and snow-free so far this Winter.  I don’t think the far northern mountains have even got much snow. I guess I picked the wrong year to live in Taos, as we had a lot of snow last year.   Enough to remind me thoroughly that I don’t like cold wet weather!!  

I was discharged a week ago from an intensive psychiatric program, with a referral to an excellent PhD psychologist who will be helping me to work – aggressively – to put some lifelong troubles behind me: namely an inability to handle/process grief and (for longterm engagement) issues with self-esteem, FOO, all the deeper stuff that may take years to resolve.  I’m in.  I have all the time in the world. I have such an awesome homegroup in the fellowship.  They’ve been behind me and right by my side through nearly a month in the hospital…. Read Article →

and go out in the street to shoot at each other. I am so fucking angry about the way our country has treated the firearm issue.  NOBODY in a free and peaceful nation needs an AR-15 or AK-47 rifle.  NOBODY. NOBODY in a free and peaceful nation needs a large-magazine handgun.  NOBODY. Our second amendment is valid.  We need our ability to quickly raise a popular militia.  But we do NOT need citizens keeping multiples of military-style weapons. Paddock was NOT to blame for the Las Vegas massacre.  Paddock was sick.  A seriously sick individual… Read Article →

The storm has steered due west across the northern coast of Cuba, enough so that much of her uplift mechanism is currently over dry land.    Will likely reduce both windspeed and rainfall forecasts for this evening.  I still believe, though, Irma will regain Category 5 strength before her Sunday landfall on the Florida Peninsula.  Folks on the Southwest side of Florida and the Gulf barrier islands – from Ft Myers Beach north to the north side of Tampa – should already be gone.  I think the impact along the Ft Myers coastline will be… Read Article →

From what I can see in the forecasts, Hurricane Irma will resume her Cat 5 status as she crosses the warm water of the Gulf Stream and the Florida Straits.  If she steers West up the western coast of Florida, then all the more reason she will reach some high windspeed records. But I don’t think the storm will cross the really susceptible parts of Florida.  Miami, Ft Lauderdale, the SE coast.  This is an intense, well-developed hurricane with extremely dangerous wind.  When she strikes the Florida peninsula, I predict there will be wind gusts… Read Article →

Please step aside this evening, perhaps light a candle, and pray for the people of SE Texas.  Many of my friends there, people I’ve cared for and worked with more than 30 years, are without their homes tonight.  The water damage at Fulton, Rockport, Aransas Pass and Port Aransas, is not that bad.  But the wind damage is extraordinary. Unless I have reason to go elsewhere, I intend to fill up my car with food, water and blankets, and go to Port Aransas on Friday. I just saw the Port of Corpus Christi remains closed…. Read Article →

Life really DID seem to be a fairytale.  I was living with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known, in an old magic adobe house, just above the river.  Our road would take you down along our river, through its canyon, until you reached the John Dunn Bridge on the Rio Bravo.  Our Rio Hondo joined the Bravo just below that bridge. I painted two of the best things I’ve ever done during that period. I learned that magpies are not all they’re cracked up to be, though watching them frequently cracked me up! I’d… Read Article →

My oldest son, Martin, has been an outgoing and caring man his whole life.  He has served his community as a peace officer, and his country as an active and motivated soldier.  He is well known and very respected in Lubbock TX, where he’s helped so very many people. A little over two years ago, Martin underwent an aggressive double-knee replacement.  He was unable to stand or walk for an extended period. About 18 months ago, Martin showed up at the emergency room with two large blood clots in his lungs. That was the last… Read Article →

Like the Dire Straits song but reverse the direction. Leaving tomorrow or Friday for a week in the North country, mainly the headwaters of the Costilla River (right on the Colorado border) and the Blanca Peak wilderness area.  I’ve looked at Blanca Peak in awe, studied all the maps, and decided the best place to camp is accessible from the NE side (adding another 3 hours of driving). My good friends, Debbie and Debi, will be joining us for the last few days of the adventure.  My best friend and sometimes nurse, Lysa, will be… Read Article →

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