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Many would agree that Mexico is our best neighbor. Not only do we share a 2000-mile border, we share many common interests in commerce, international policy, religion, and the environment. So why do Americans disregard, or simply ignore, the terrorism and wholesale murder of thousands of Mexican citizens caused by the US-led War on Drugs? Why don’t we care that our best neighbors are enduring the worst terrorism of the 21st century? Perhaps it’s arrogance or discrimination.  Maybe both.  The fact remains that a majority of Americans don’t know what’s happening in Mexico – or… Read Article →

Ingredients: 10 oz bag New Mexico red chile pods 12 oz bag frozen chopped spinach 3/4 cup chopped sweet onion 3/4 cup cooked pinto beans (drained) 1 tablespoon minced garlic 3 tablespoons olive oil How to do it: 1. Carefully remove the corazones, or “hearts”, from all of the red chile pods. Throw out the seeds and outside stems for the birds, and save the flesh of the chiles in an airtight container for making enchilada sauce. This is a tedious process, but the flavor of the corazones is wonderful, subtle and unique. I like… Read Article →

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip cookies made with Mexican-sourced flour, sugars, cinnamon, vanilla and a tiny bit of anise. Chocolate chips are Nestle’s brand but the bag said they were born in Mexico. Dairy and pecans are locally sourced. The Mexican sugars and vanilla make these mild and smooth, full of subtle flavors!  Yummmm!

I’ve been reading Johann Hari’s article, The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think, which the Huffington Post published last week. I’ve seen many references to the article on the internet, so it’s evidently spread quickly and been read by many. It’s basically an excellent essay. Flawed, mostly by ommission, but indubitably worth reading. I disagree with Hari’s premise that addiction is caused by loss of connected’ness in society. There is too much evidence that genetics, early childhood trauma, brain physiology and chemistry, and other factors play significant… Read Article →

Lots of people have sleep difficulty and depression-like symptoms in the middle of winter.  Some are diagnosed with something called Seasonal Affective Disorder – and some of those are successfully treated with light therapy. There’s been some compelling research these last few years into the health impacts from our portable electronic devices (smartphones, e-readers, tablet computers) and LCD displays (computers and televisions).  One of the things researchers have discovered is that all of these devices emit much higher levels of white and blue light, and that high levels of white and blue light interrupt production of… Read Article →

  After my heart attack I told my heart, “Listen.  If you attack me again I’ll kick your ass to the curb!”

So I now have to take several heart medications. I don’t really notice much difference (I’ve already lived with low blood pressure for years so I know about standing up too quickly or sudden exertion); but one thing I’ve noticed is the size of all the pills. They’re very very small! I am about ten years younger than your average heart patient and these things, even at my age, are not easy to see or manage because of the small size. If I were older, with poorer eyesight and less manual dexterity, it seems like… Read Article →

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