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Great show by Rido at Let It Roll in Prague last year.  Isn’t it time to promote an outdoor bass music festival in New Mexico??? So my heart beats somewhere below 60Hz DC…  Does yours?  Loud and low is better.  ;-)

At least Adrian Gomez and the Albuquerque Journal acknowledge that EDM exists. Crystal Method is certainly a legend of the genre – and I’m sure the show at Santa Ana Casino was good – but Albuquerque draws plenty of older acts who are legends of their respective genres. Gomez also covered the appearance of RL Grime who, at the other end of the historic spectrum, has only released a handful of recordings and barely begun having an impact on bass music and EDM. Like nearly every act in the genre, though, these guys are basically… Read Article →

  How awesome is this?!?!  Six days before the ABQ show he’s dropped a fantastic new record!  I hope he plays the whole album tomorrow night! Yayy!  Yayy!  and more Yayy! Listen to the new album here!  

I’ve got my tickets for the Excision show with Protohype.  It will be awesome to see Excision again, and I’ve never seen Protohype; so it should be a great night at the El Rey Theater. I’m totally jazzed they’re bringing the tour into Albuquerque!!

EDM artists seem to flee our southern climate by April and head back to places like B.C. and the Pacific Northwest, England, Colorado; so this is almost guaranteed to be the best show of our Austin season. Hopefully we’re near the end of the season, cuz this year’s long cold Winter has been so sucky! Justin Boreta looks like he might be 25, and the rest of The Glitch Mob can’t be much older. Truly gifted artists and already legends in the genre. DJ Ana Sia will open for the guys. She’s a bass music… Read Article →

Listen to your favorite album; then Listen to this album; then Enjoy your new favorite album!

This is how the stuff turns out when you add experience to the creativity and talent!  Doomed to be an awesome show.   The Glitch Mob Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 9pm Emo’s East on Riverside Drive      

Here’s a really excellent guide for stringing an acoustic guitar.  Most of the same rules apply for stringing electrics, too; so it’s a valuable document to keep for reference.  I’ve seen a jillion of these guides but never one that was like a “definitive” reference.  Download your copy right away! Stringing Guide  

Maybe still some kinks to work out but this is going to be the must-have gadget for EDM artists in 2014.  Very cool, and the process of bringing it to fruition has been equally fascinating.  I want one! Read more about this very neato device here.  

suddenWhiteMexican: Conjunto! This is an un-mixed collection of 3 and 4-piece conjunto music from Northern Mexico and the Texas Mexican border regions.  From the really old ‘cantina’ style, where boots & hand instruments and upright bass lend rhythm and excitement to the bajo/accordion sound, to the more modern style with electric bass and a trap set, this is the music of my culture and my life!  Enjoy!

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