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It’s kinda vain but someone asked. I’m mostly playing/composing with Ableton Live and a Roland Gaia synth. I use a BOSS DR-770 when I just need beats to work out with on the Gaia. Everything’s going to a yamaha 10-channel mixer and out to a Behringer B1500D-PRO sub and a pair of Behringer B3031A studio monitors. The Behringer gear is actually for sale right now, as I’m trying to downsize and go to Mackie stuff. I’ve just always been a Mackie fan. Not sure if you can see it in the pics but I’m also… Read Article →

Excision and Vaski rule! ¬†Don’t miss the tour, with Paper Diamond, if it comes to your neighborhood this year! Click here for my (burnable to Audio CD format) faves from the tour and recent findings.

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