Excision Makes the Albuquerque Night Shine!

At least Adrian Gomez and the Albuquerque Journal acknowledge that EDM exists. Crystal Method is certainly a legend of the genre – and I’m sure the show at Santa Ana Casino was good – but Albuquerque draws plenty of older acts who are legends of their respective genres. Gomez also covered the appearance of RL Grime who, at the other end of the historic spectrum, has only released a handful of recordings and barely begun having an impact on bass music and EDM.

Like nearly every act in the genre, though, these guys are basically DJs still working out of the coffin doing the same things all good DJs do. Great dance music for sure! But how can Gomez and the Journal claim to be “art savvy” and miss covering an event so extraordinary as the Excision show at the El Rey Theater on Tuesday night?

Ok. So I might be Jeff Abel’s biggest fan. I’ve seen at least one show in each of his US tours and I’ve followed his rise to genuine stardom, along with that of those “other two boys from Kelowna”, with a sense of awe and tremendous respect. Like the Shambhala festival he so masterfully respresents, which has (IMHO) replaced Burning Man in cultural and artistic significance, Jeff’s work is wayyy more than just another DJ playing great dance music.

Abel is everything an art lover could possible want in the way of prodigy and creative genius. From designing his own props and audio systems to creating video graphics, lighting, and incredibly tight bass music – all on the fly – it’s hard to see an Excision show and not come away humbled by the artist’s energy, passion and intense creativity. Remember, this is a kid who’s out on the road playing shows every night and simultaneously writing/recording new music and video in his (what?) spare time!

His newest album, released only a week before the ABQ show, and its accompanying video presentations are evidence enough – the guy must constantly practice, write & re-write, and refine, in order to present such polished and outstanding live performances. Night Shine and Robo Kitty, both tracks from the new record, were beautifully executed!

Abel seemed genuinely thrilled, too, to be playing in Albuquerque. Not only did he play a longer set than some I’ve seen in the past, it was obvious he was excited to be in such a small intimate setting with fresh new victims! The El Rey is not a big room. It was wonderful to be in the smaller space watching the reactions of those who’d not yet experienced an Excision show! There’s nothing quite like it!

So the El Rey is a typical movie-theater-rehab, the house sound system is probably icky, and it’s basically a dump. One of those places where you try not to think about being burned alive if something goes wrong. Excision seemed to scale down nicely, though, to the size of the room and poor acoustics; and with that much dazzle in front of your eyes and ears, it’s hard to think about anything else.

The El Rey prepends the word “historic” to its name but, in this case, I think it just means old.

With a show like we saw Tuesday night, though, who cares about the venue after the lights go down?? I’d rather see him here than in some fancy venue where the additional $20-30 in ticket price only means fewer people get critical exposure to true artistic talent. This might not be the best place to see a more typical act working out of a conventional coffin over the house PA, but it was more than adequate for Jeff’s excellent show.

I’ve read some online complaints about service levels at the El Rey; but I was impressed with the venue’s attentive and helpful staff, and the focus on security and crowd control. I’ve been to plenty of these things where alcohol or drugs were a problem; but I didn’t see anyone coming out of the show looking severely impaired or unable to drive. My hat’s off to the El Rey staff!

If you’ve not seen an Excision performance (and it really is, unlike alot of EDM, a submersive and engaging LIVE PERFORMANCE) then you certainly missed a golden opportunity on Tuesday! There are rumors the artist might retire or stop performing but that’s very doubtful. He’s young, passionate, energetic, and fiercely creative – clearly a mind that never turns off and is just getting started!

I would not be surprised at all, though, to see him back away for a spell to regroup, revitalize, work on new projects, explore, and resurface down range with the next big thing. After all. “The Next Big Thing” seems to be the arena where Excision plays better than anyone else in the business.

Here’s my iphone dump from the Feb 10 Excision performance at Albuquerque’s El Rey Theater: