Little Trucks

Finally.  It looks like Hyundai will be the first automaker in years to produce a real 4-cylinder mini pickup.  Slated for production in 2018, the Santa Cruz will be available in an extended-cab version; but the model is targeted at the – currently empty – sector of the market that wants a regular-cab mini truck.
Given the popularity of older mini trucks for project and show trucks (and the numbers of ten-yr-old mini trucks being well maintained by owners), I’ve been a little amazed, over the years, by major automakers’ failure to fill this niche.  I think you can still buy a regular-cab 4-cylinder Toyota Tacoma, but you’ll find none in the local Toyota dealership because they’re now a special-order item on the Toyota menu.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz will be a much welcome option for all us baby boomers who simply need a fuel-efficient small pickup.  I predict a huge success of this little truck.

Speaking of mini trucks, here’s a project truck based on the Mini Cooper.  A truck, and a true Mini!

Mini Truck by Mini Cooper

Why can’t Cooper figure out that hordes of us would buy these if they were in production!