Me and my boys gon’ be gone

I wanna fly my big rebel flag.  The war against northern aggression had so little to do with slavery and so much to do with economic fortitude.

Sorry.  I’m an advocate of civil rights and I do feel the outcome of the American Civil War was fair and good, all Americans benefitted and our cultures were finally able to freely mix.

The rebel flag, though (in my mind) has nothing to do with race or discrimination.  It’s a symbol of rebellion.  People from the south seem to be better at this rebellion stuff.

But we don’t need to put them down.  We need to pay attention, learn, resist, go out and practice with a rifle, keep an open mind; we need to be ready.  The state we are liking to encounter will impact our liberal and conservative constituents equally.  We all need to keep a basic 30-cal rifle and stay in regular practice.  This was the original intent of our 2nd amendment.  Read the Federalist Papers.  We’re NOT subscribing revolution or violence.

In fact, we are a peace-loving people.  Let’s keep a peace-loving people.  Regardless color, ethnicity, background, faith, we are collectively a people who love and cherish peace.  All of us have a deep responsibility to enforce these ideals of our hearts.

I can’t tell you, in good conscience, to go out and buy a gun.  I don’t have a gun, yet.  If you do consider buying a firearm then here are some things to think about:

a) Unless you’ve been through combat training you have no business owning/keeping any handgun.  Sorry, but your opponent WILL take that gun from you.  S/he’ll then be your opponent whom you have armed.

Seriously.  If you’re not very well trained, or you’ve grown up in a gun tradition, keeping a handgun is seriously stupid.

b) But, Sister, you gotta responsibility to stop that wrongdoer before s/he gets to your house.  I’m not an idiot.  We really do have some hardened thugs and cartel ‘killers’ running around among us.  They don’t care about our churches.  They don’t care about us, they don’t care about much of anything.  Anyone who threatens our churches or religious freedom is, in my mind, a worthy adversary.

So you DO have a responsibility to stop an aggressor/thug before s/he gets to your front door.  Seriously, Sister, a bad guy fucked up on drugs and looking for money – even if s/he seems to be a friend – is a dangerous predator.  I’m sorry.  But I been around a long time and I know.

My personal recommendation is the Norinco SKS rifle.  It’s an excellent rifle for +-50 yds to +-120 yds.  It’s not a “pretty” weapon at all; but the damn things are dependable.  Much much better than any AR15 style of rifle.

Please let me know how/what I can do to help you feel more safe.  You can come here, so long as you have no contact with the ‘dark side’; but I may be in the hospital for a month or longer.  Gotta get some work done on my heart.

I highly recommend the 7.62mm SKS rifle for home protection.  If you’ve got a bad doer all the way to the front door then, yes, you need a handgun (recommend a 45mm Ruger revolver); but the whole lesson is we shoot the intruder out on the yard.  Who wants all that mess in the house?

Love you –