Medicaid Discrimination

New Mexico Medicaid discriminates against parents who pay child support.

My monthly income from disability is barely above the eligibility requirement for New Mexico Medicaid – unless I pay my child support. Then it’s significantly below the eligibility requirement. Why does Medicaid punish me for paying child support?

Interestingly, if I go to prison for non-payment of child support (because I have to pay for private health insurance instead) then I will qualify for Medicaid by virtue of being a prison inmate.

I asked Medicaid for an appeals hearing several months ago. They acknowledged my request but took no further action.

Desperate to have some kind of medical coverage, and to avoid penalization for having no coverage, I called Healthcare.Gov to see if they have any coverage I might afford. Guess what? They told me they couldn’t help me because I qualify for Medicaid and because I have an appeal pending with Medicaid.

Luckily, the amount of my child support obligation was reduced after I became an invalid but it’s still enough to put me well below the eligibility requirement for Medicaid.

Evidently I must pay the fine, remain uninsured, and continue without medical services I desperately need – or do something to get into prison where I’ll be able to get Medicaid coverage. For the time being, I must pay out of pocket for very expensive health insurance.

Perhaps I understand Walter White better than I thought I did.