Obesity kills!

Even young women die from the heart complications of obesity.

Even young women die from the heart complications of obesity.

Obesity is now the leading cause of heart failure, and the leading preventable cause of death among women over forty.

The problem with obesity is that, as a society, we have not learned to treat it the same way we treat all the other addictions.  Obesity does not carry the stigma that comes with most addictions; but it needs to.  All the behavioral issues associated with other addictions appear in obese people, too.  So we need to move quickly to identify the intense denial, control, family codependence, and insidiously harmful priorities of the obese person.  They’re just as sick, probably sicker, than the alcoholic or heroin addict – and when the disease has finished destroying everything else in their lives, it will kill them.

In fact, far more people (especially women) die from obesity than from alcoholism and drug addiction combined.

But addiction is addiction.  When you hear a fat person blame their condition on people or circumstances beyond their control, then you know you’re dealing with irreversible addiction that can only end in one of two ways: abstinence or death.

Yet we continue to tiptoe around the “elephant in the living room” instead of being blunt and calling a spade a spade.  We gotta stop doing that!

How many times have we heard a non-smoker walk by a smoker and emit the little false cough, scowl at the smoker, or even say something derogatory about the smoking?  We need to treat obesity the same way.

So if you see someone obese, you might be saving their life with a bit of ridicule.  Remind them their obesity will kill them – and that you’re tired of paying high insurance premiums that come from the enormous medical cost of their obesity.

If you’re fat, lose weight.  If you’re not, then find someone who is and tell them to lose weight.  Now.  The more blunt you are, the greater the chance they will actually get help and lose weight before it destroys their lives.