Got tickets for Flux Pavillion on June 1st.  I am not a big fan of Rusko, but he’s playing the same venue this Friday.  Also not sure what happened to the shows at AMH but everything booking through that promotor has moved to Emo’s East, the old Back Room.  Geez.  I saw Three Dog Night there and now I’m going there for dubStep shows?!? Anywho.  Tickets are available here.

My first “sports car” in twenty years (so it’s taking some re-learning) is a 2012 Scion tC.  Despite being what an enthusiast called a high performance chop top coupe, it met some more essential requirements in the way of seating and the power/weight for long highway drives.  Sure is fun to drive! – and the mileage around town has been good.  Still a shock at the pump after driving the little Yaris!

The phat pricetags for Monster’s Dr. Dre line of studio phones have kept me from trying them (along with reports about structural troubles with the plastic frames); and the $400 pricetag for the Beatbox was no different.  I can buy a lot of great vintage gear and make some big big sound for $400!  But then I saw the Beatbox on sale for a tad more than $200, heard one playing in the store, and decided it was worth trying… Wow!  Easily the best piece of gear I’ve picked up in a year – and… Read Article →

We’ll be playing Balmorhea 2011, a private function, October 7-9.  The shows will be visual as well as live-mix dance music.  I’ll try to publish at least one show in the Broadcast section here.  It’s an invitation-only event but invitations may not be hard to come by for friends of Submetro Studios.  Warning: it’s a 7-hour drive to Balmorhea from Austin.  

On the reference side it’s a Mitsubishi DA-A30 power amp with the M30 meter package on the front; the Misubishi DA-P20 preamp with MM/MC inputs that put others to shame; and the Mitsubishi DA-F10 tuner.  The A30 makes 105 watts to an 8 ohm load, which is perfect for my PSB nearfield imageB25 drivers (not pictured).  When more low-end is needed there’s also a 100W NAD 10″ driver on the floor (also not pictured)   On the production side there’s a Yamaha weighted-key controller for Logic Express and the Radius R30 Korg.  It’s quite easy… Read Article →

So we got a better setup and more tips for this show – and plenty of people asking for our cards to book events.  Yayy!  Kudos to 2LiveStu for crewin’ and keepin’ the place hoppin’!

2liveStu and I will be playin’ another afternoon show on August 27th; so come have a frosty drink and chill with the crew! Starbucks US 183 & Braker Ln We’ll probably be mixing by 2pm and wrappin’ up at 5pm…  

BabyDuck and 2liveStu performed a 3-hour mix for the help and customers in the Starbucks at 183 & Braker on Sunday evening, and the reception was fantastic! Thanks to all our friends, and especially the great people who work at that Starbucks, for stopping by and contributing valuable suggestions (and tips, too!). I think 2live grabbed some quick photos with his new smartphone so, if we’re lucky, I can get a photo added here. Stay tuned for advance notice of our next outing! Cha cha cha!

July 10th in the afternoon, 4:30 to close. Very low-key, mostly electro downbeat clubby stuff and some caribbean spice. Looking forward to working with new stu crew! Starbucks Breve Bar at 183 and Braker Ln Pirate up, y’all! See you on the 10th!

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