Such a great blues voice and such charisma.  Here’s a damn good tribute by Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone.  I’ve not seen/heard anything by Joss that didn’t remind me of Janis.  She and Melissa together is just over the fuckin’ top..    

Martin was in incredible pain.  He gave this interview, though, to his pastor at First United Methodist Church in Lubbock a couple of months before he died:

Martin David Milstead, my oldest child, died yesterday afternoon from a terrible blood disorder. May my son feel no more pain. May he be rejoined with his mother, his grandparents, and his great-grandfather whom he loved so dearly. May he know, through God’s infinite love and caring, how deeply he will be missed. Born December 19, 1986 at Norman, Oklahoma; died September 13, 2017 at Lubbock, Texas.  

The government of Myanmar has been engaged, for many years, with purging the Rohingya people from  Myanmar. The government of Myanmar is now forcing all rohingya peoples to leave the country.  Most of Myanmar’s refugees are going to Bangladesh.

Hurricane Irma has, since my last post, been reduced to a Cat 3 storm as she slowly traversed the North side of Cuba.  Not a lot of info, yet (or photos), to see what happened in Cuba; but the windspeed as the storm came ashore on the NE shore of Cuba yesterday, was in excess of 165 knots – a biggie-sized Cat 5 storm. As of this afternoon, the eye of Hurricane Irma has left the NW shore of Cuba and moved back across warm water.  Depending on her speed, Irma could regain significant strength… Read Article →

The storm has steered due west across the northern coast of Cuba, enough so that much of her uplift mechanism is currently over dry land.    Will likely reduce both windspeed and rainfall forecasts for this evening.  I still believe, though, Irma will regain Category 5 strength before her Sunday landfall on the Florida Peninsula.  Folks on the Southwest side of Florida and the Gulf barrier islands – from Ft Myers Beach north to the north side of Tampa – should already be gone.  I think the impact along the Ft Myers coastline will be… Read Article →

From what I can see in the forecasts, Hurricane Irma will resume her Cat 5 status as she crosses the warm water of the Gulf Stream and the Florida Straits.  If she steers West up the western coast of Florida, then all the more reason she will reach some high windspeed records. But I don’t think the storm will cross the really susceptible parts of Florida.  Miami, Ft Lauderdale, the SE coast.  This is an intense, well-developed hurricane with extremely dangerous wind.  When she strikes the Florida peninsula, I predict there will be wind gusts… Read Article →

Right now, she’s a spectacular storm and still over warm water without any real deterrences to additional development.  Sustained winds are above 150mph with windspeeds recorded earlier today at +175mph near the surface below the eye wall. This storm will likely enter the Eastern Gulf of Mexico by the weekend; but the current tracking models show the storm crossing the heart of the Caribbean with plenty of likelihood for weakening as the storm crosses many many islands.  My “armchair” analysis says this will be a Florida storm – that Irma will come into the Gulf… Read Article →

Please step aside this evening, perhaps light a candle, and pray for the people of SE Texas.  Many of my friends there, people I’ve cared for and worked with more than 30 years, are without their homes tonight.  The water damage at Fulton, Rockport, Aransas Pass and Port Aransas, is not that bad.  But the wind damage is extraordinary. Unless I have reason to go elsewhere, I intend to fill up my car with food, water and blankets, and go to Port Aransas on Friday. I just saw the Port of Corpus Christi remains closed…. Read Article →

The 10:00PM_CDT reports from NOAA/NWS confirm Hurricane Harvey came ashore this evening over St Joseph’s Island and Port Aransas TX, then struck mainland Texas at Rockport. Harvey is predicted to bring strong thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and flooding  across much of Texas. Wind and storm-surge damage at Port Aransas will be significant. All those pretty dunes – and the lower floors of the Mayan Princess (for example) – are underwater. Stormtrack forecasts are tricky as Harvey moves onto the mainland. Several forecast tracks show the core of this storm doubling back – around Victoria – and… Read Article →

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