I’ve paid off my 2016 Buick, along with lots of credit-card debt from the time I was with my 2nd wife (a big spender); and guess what!  I’m approved for zero-interest financing of a new Harley Davidson Sportster!  It includes safety training and everything I need for a New Mexico motorcycle license.  I’m really jazzed. Here’s the 883 I saw today at the dealership: This is a 2017.  The one I am looking at is a 2018 and it’s completely blacked out.  Really a great close-range bike.  I want it!      

It appears Gulf Hurricane Harvey may make landfall tomorrow, as a Cat 3 or Cat 4 hurricane, along the South Texas coast between Port Mansfield and Port Lavaca. http://myfoxhurricane.com I grew up spending “hurricane seasons” on the Texas coast.  I have clear memories of Hurricane Beulah, which brought a high storm surge and rainfall/flooding in San Antonio and South Texas.  I remember the fam gathered up in the back of our San Antonio home, watching the storm progress on our old GE black & white TV, as severe thunderstorms and lightning persisted through the night…. Read Article →

Finally.  It looks like Hyundai will be the first automaker in years to produce a real 4-cylinder mini pickup.  Slated for production in 2018, the Santa Cruz will be available in an extended-cab version; but the model is targeted at the – currently empty – sector of the market that wants a regular-cab mini truck. Given the popularity of older mini trucks for project and show trucks (and the numbers of ten-yr-old mini trucks being well maintained by owners), I’ve been a little amazed, over the years, by major automakers’ failure to fill this niche…. Read Article →

Life really DID seem to be a fairytale.  I was living with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known, in an old magic adobe house, just above the river.  Our road would take you down along our river, through its canyon, until you reached the John Dunn Bridge on the Rio Bravo.  Our Rio Hondo joined the Bravo just below that bridge. I painted two of the best things I’ve ever done during that period. I learned that magpies are not all they’re cracked up to be, though watching them frequently cracked me up! I’d… Read Article →

My oldest son, Martin, has been an outgoing and caring man his whole life.  He has served his community as a peace officer, and his country as an active and motivated soldier.  He is well known and very respected in Lubbock TX, where he’s helped so very many people. A little over two years ago, Martin underwent an aggressive double-knee replacement.  He was unable to stand or walk for an extended period. About 18 months ago, Martin showed up at the emergency room with two large blood clots in his lungs. That was the last… Read Article →

I’ve been posting on my other blog, bahfish.com, since early in the Summer; but I’ve come back to post here as it’s the blog where most of my family & friends look for updates.  I’ve had this blog running for nearly ten years.  I know there are some broken links and problems with images over the last two years so I will work to get those corrected. “Love & Tolerance” is our code.  

We rejoice over the smallest bit of rain!  There was a small, but quickly doused, wildfire this morning in the Sandia.  Thank God for our firefighters. Mister Dog is having terrible troubles with his meds (pain and muscle relaxant) so we’ve stopped all the pills to see if He will regain his appetite.  I hate to see him feeling so bad!! I will go to Taos and Costilla in the next few days.  Go figger…

Like the Dire Straits song but reverse the direction. Leaving tomorrow or Friday for a week in the North country, mainly the headwaters of the Costilla River (right on the Colorado border) and the Blanca Peak wilderness area.  I’ve looked at Blanca Peak in awe, studied all the maps, and decided the best place to camp is accessible from the NE side (adding another 3 hours of driving). My good friends, Debbie and Debi, will be joining us for the last few days of the adventure.  My best friend and sometimes nurse, Lysa, will be… Read Article →

It’s refreshing to see mainstream media beginning to report more frequently on the terrorism occurring on the other side of our Southern border.  Mexico is now considered the second-most dangerous country in the world (Syria is currently the most dangerous country). It’s even more promising that Rex Tillerson has clearly identified the root cause for the gruesome war zone that Mexico has become: US demand for narcotics and US provision of firearms. However.  We need to understand the vagaries of news reporting and statistics.  First, the War on Drugs did not begin in 2008.  It… Read Article →

I’m mostly just testing Blogpad Pro, an Ipad app that allows me to post and manage a WordPress site without having to go to a standard browser or use the bloated web interface.  So far, so good! We are starting to experience some frigid weather in far Northern New Mexico!  I believe there has been significant snowfall on all the peaks around Wheeler (mainly shrouded for several days), but we’ve only had a half inch here as this first big storm of the season passes over. However, we’ll see moderate winds over the next several… Read Article →

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