I’m mostly just testing Blogpad Pro, an Ipad app that allows me to post and manage a WordPress site without having to go to a standard browser or use the bloated web interface.  So far, so good! We are starting to experience some frigid weather in far Northern New Mexico!  I believe there has been significant snowfall on all the peaks around Wheeler (mainly shrouded for several days), but we’ve only had a half inch here as this first big storm of the season passes over. However, we’ll see moderate winds over the next several… Read Article →

We have camped much of the Summer on land in far northern New Mexico that is managed by Rio Costilla Cooperative Livestock Association (RCCLA).  From what I’ve seen over the Summer, this organization does the best job in New Mexico of managing and maintaining the vital habitat and wildlife of the Sierra Sangre De Cristo. It’s pretty cool to see that a for-profit organization (private ranchers) are doing a better job than ANY of our national forests of preserving ancient grasses, protecting one of our country’s most delicate wild trout habitats, and operating a truly… Read Article →

I beg to differ with the travel guides who call the Lower Hondo Valley the most scenic place in New Mexico.  It’s indubitably a beautiful little valley where I live, but our state has some mighty scenic places – like the Rio Costilla Canyon Southeast of the town of Costilla. We spent the weekend exploring the high country of the Northwest Sangre de Cristo range – mainly places in the Questa Ranger District – and had a wonderful time camping in the high meadows surrounding the Rio Costilla.  The drive up through the Rio Costilla… Read Article →

Obesity is now the leading cause of heart failure, and the leading preventable cause of death among women over forty. The problem with obesity is that, as a society, we have not learned to treat it the same way we treat all the other addictions.  Obesity does not carry the stigma that comes with most addictions; but it needs to.  All the behavioral issues associated with other addictions appear in obese people, too.  So we need to move quickly to identify the intense denial, control, family codependence, and insidiously harmful priorities of the obese person…. Read Article →

Kalya Scintilla played Saturday night at the Startribe music festival on Taos Mesa – and his show was excellent!  The whole Startribe experience was an ideal introduction, for me, to the local scene.  Playing music outdoors here is complicated by our infamous wind (especially out on the mesa!), but I thought the sound system was up to the task.  We were on our feet wigglin’ for nearly all of Scintilla’s set. I was pleased to see so many splendid dancers live in the community, and thrilled by all the fire dancing and poi! There was… Read Article →

So the gun used by George Zimmerman to kill Trayvon Martin is for sale on an internet auction site.  It’s sinister, in the least, to sell weapons used in violent crimes; but in this case it’s somewhat provocative. So many signs, in our culture and media, that we’re foretelling a collective disaster with respect to class and race.  Yet nothing is stemming the flow of firearms onto the streets of the US or Mexico – and a helluva lot of the citizens who have those firearms share a distorted religious view that condones violence. We… Read Article →

It’s like a dream come true to be able to say, “I live in Taos.” But now I do! Taos is one of 3-4 places in the US where I’ve traditionally driven out of town wondering, “Why am I leaving?”  So it’s soooo awesome to finally live here! I actually live in a small community outside Taos on the Rio Hondo. It’s not far, though.  Everyone works and shops in Taos. Based on the characters I’ve seen or met so far, this little community is a dead ringer for Chamisaville in John Nichols’ New Mexico Trilogy!… Read Article →

I just got back from 2 weeks in Austin – where any aspirations I may have had to go back and live there were thoroughly smashed.  In fact, I may never go back. The Austin where I grew up no longer exists.  The city is severely plagued now by poor air quality, high cost of living, horrible traffic, and a selfie culture that rivals that of Santa Fe.  Maybe worse. I have dear friends in Austin whom I’ve gotten to see on this visit; but I could not help noticing that nearly all my Austin friends are… Read Article →

Bill Wilson was a list-maker. The Big Book is littered throughout with lists of positive and negative attributes, assets we can aspire to, liabilities we must overcome. I’m grateful for the lists because they’re great checklists for my spot check inventories; but I’m also grateful to see Bill was probably afflicted with just as much selfishness, need to control, and self-centeredness as I am! Until a few years ago, I was a terrible list-maker! I used to place a high priority on having “my own space”, or “free time for me”; so I’d make lists… Read Article →

One of the wisest phrases I’ve ever heard: “Some of us are sicker than others….and then we all trade places.”

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