I’ve about concluded I will not be able to continue living in New Mexico without a car.  Things are too spread out, I’m 20 miles from the hospital where I have constant appointments, and I simply cannot afford to buy a car – especially knowing I could move back to Texas, where I have more social support and it’s easier to get places without a car, and not need a car. I’m heartbroken because I like New Mexico and most of the people I’ve gotten to know here; but I need to be making changes… Read Article →

New Mexico Medicaid discriminates against parents who pay child support. My monthly income from disability is barely above the eligibility requirement for New Mexico Medicaid – unless I pay my child support. Then it’s significantly below the eligibility requirement. Why does Medicaid punish me for paying child support? Interestingly, if I go to prison for non-payment of child support (because I have to pay for private health insurance instead) then I will qualify for Medicaid by virtue of being a prison inmate. I asked Medicaid for an appeals hearing several months ago. They acknowledged my… Read Article →

In addition to the Flux Pavilion makeup show (probably in December), Albuquerque’s Historic El Rey Theater will host a show by Borgore on New Year’s Eve and a heavy heavy must-see show by DJ Carnage on January 15th. Both shows will likely sell out, so get your tickets while you can! And don’t forget we have Getter here at Gravity Nightclub on November 7th! This is an awesome town for electronic music, and it just keeps getting better and better!  

Flux Pavilion and Loudpvck were stranded by flooding in Dallas and could not make the Albuquerque show on Friday night. Diskord and Nghtmre played extra-long sets, though, and we all get to go back and see Flux and Loudpvck later in the season. Possibly in December when their tour is wrapping up. There’s even a chance that show will feature different opening acts so, in a way, we got two shows for the price of one! Not to discount the evening, though, as we totally enjoyed Nghtmre’s show! There seemed to be a few glitches… Read Article →

Goodness. I have wanted a Digitech 2112 for twenty years, and now I finally have one! I am totally jazzed! Rack mount Digitech processors were a must-have for the blues rock and metal music I grew up on, though I think the 2112 was actually introduced in the 90s. I like the way the model number could be a reference to the great Rush album! Now that I’m taking lessons and becoming more serious about learning and practicing, I’m relying less on multiple effects pedals to “play for me” – and focusing solely on playing… Read Article →

In loving memory of the late J.J. Cale, my new “After Midnight” cake features Swiss chocolate, coconut, dark Mexican chocolate and a hint of Indonesian vanilla.    

In the final analysis, meditation is about changing my physical perspective in the real world. It is not about changing anything between my ears. For the longest time I believed meditation was about causing some sort of magic to occur in the mind. It was about achieving some sort of transcendence or about perceiving some special voodoo that I’ve been missing. It was supposed to be about making the mind still, focusing on breathing a certain way, or a whole raft of mental processes – focusing on nothing, focusing on something, clearing the mind of… Read Article →

Forty-thousand lives will be lost this year to the terrorism in Mexico caused by US drug policy. Since the US has shown little or no interest in stopping the terrorism it’s causing, can we at least have the decency to welcome and shelter Mexican citizens crossing our Southern border? The United States Government has a moral obligation to facilitate easy immigration by all Mexican people seeking to escape the holocaust WE have caused in their homeland.  Those caught smuggling drugs from Mexico into the US are particularly vulnerable and must be given safe harbor.  For them,… Read Article →

Many would agree that Mexico is our best neighbor. Not only do we share a 2000-mile border, we share many common interests in commerce, international policy, religion, and the environment. So why do Americans disregard, or simply ignore, the terrorism and wholesale murder of thousands of Mexican citizens caused by the US-led War on Drugs? Why don’t we care that our best neighbors are enduring the worst terrorism of the 21st century? Perhaps it’s arrogance or discrimination.  Maybe both.  The fact remains that a majority of Americans don’t know what’s happening in Mexico – or… Read Article →

The only thing epic about Texas Rising, the new miniseries running on History Channel, is the degree to which it does NOT depict the Texas war for independence. The Battle of Gonzalez on October 2, 1835 marked the start of the Texas revolt against Mexico. Texans had refused to relinquish a cannon to the Mexican army at Gonzalez. Instead, they raised a homemade flag bearing an image of the cannon and the words “Come And Take It”. It’s a critical part of the story of Texas independence, and critical to understanding the mindset of the… Read Article →

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