Real Christians MUST resist

We MUST resist the worldly distractions of violence.  We MUST resist our temptation to go out and buy firearms.  The firearm industry in the US is NOT Christian.  We can no longer tolerate this behavior.  We’ve bastardized the 2nd amendment of our constitution and we’ve become a people of violence.  We’ve become a non-Christian people.  It’s time to stop this.
Confront your neighbor.  Confront those who keep firearms.  It is time for the courageous Christian people of our nation to say, “Shoot me.  I’ll lay down right here and now because Jesus Christ is my Lord and leader.  Love and tolerance is our code.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord, God will prevail.  So put the fucking gun down.  You’re a coward but WE are strong.  Put the gun down and you will be redeemed.  Salvation is a guarantee, but not if you’ve got a gun in your hand.”
This is a time for Christians to be courageous.  We can’t sit at home, go to church on Sunday, and pretend our world is not coming apart.  We MUST go to the streets, the fringes of our society, and put ourselves on the line.  Nothing in Jesus’ life predicated violence.  Nothing.  Love and tolerance is our code.