Some notes about global warming

Most who know me are well aware I’m a bleeding heart liberal.  I tend to vote and make decisions on a socialist ballot.

But I disagree with democrats and liberals on the subject of climate change.

When you look at the WHOLE PICTURE of our Earth’s climate, particularly it’s times of heat and cold, it really is difficult to believe we humans will have that much effect on the planet’s outcome.  Our planet has been through many many severe temperature changes, long before humans evolved.

It’s hard for me to believe our planet’s current warming trend will be significantly impacted by human behavior.  Yes, humans are contributing to the warming trend.  But this Earth has experienced many “hot cycles” before humans ever came along.

The biggest problem with humankind (most exemplified by network news in the US) is this sense that we can cause big global change.

If you look at the world, since humans started making records, it’s easy to see the world is winning.  Humans simply don’t have THAT big an impact on our planet’s longterm behavior.

I think the concept of global warming, caused by humans, is a hoax.  This myth is, in my understanding, caused mainly by the idea or mythology that “we matter”.

Capitalism in America has brought about so much progress in the human experience, so much success, it’s become impossible for us to see anything beyond.

The capitalist system in the United States, mostly perpetrated by political Democrats (read your history before you respond) has created a 5-generation society in which WE are the least important part of our world.

Capitalism and democracy rely on the concept of “me”.  It’s all about me.  My vote, my spending, my response to an advertisement.  The root problem is Me.

I am always amused to hear American’s responses to Confucius’ 2-Thousand year old statement.  “When you help a man, you will help him again.”

Whether you’re a democrat or a republican, whether you’re conservative or liberal, you likely perceive this proverb to mean, “if you help someone they will come back to you for help in the future.”

If this is your thinking, then I hope you will revisit scripture and re-think your prayer life.