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  How awesome is this?!?!  Six days before the ABQ show he’s dropped a fantastic new record!  I hope he plays the whole album tomorrow night! Yayy!  Yayy!  and more Yayy! Listen to the new album here!  

I applaud Senator Bill O’Neill’s plan to include the homeless as a class of victims described under New Mexico’s law against hate crimes. I worry that hate crime legislation may tend to diminish the awfulness of violent crime, in general, and send a message that violent crimes committed against members of these special classes are somehow more heinous than the same exact crimes committed against non-members; but that might be topic for a different discussion. My greater concern over O’Neill’s proposal is that it doesn’t go far enough to address the real issue. We desperately… Read Article →

Placitas Cafe is located on state highway 165 about halfway between Bernalillo and the village of Placitas.  It’s a quirky little dive full of people who all seem to know each other, and a menu with everything from hot dogs and gourmet salads to obvious local favorites – and the best green chile cheeseburger in the state.  Seriously.  The guys cooking don’t seem particularly interested in notoriety, so they don’t enter their food in the various competitions around the state; but their GCCB is dead-to-rights the best one you’ll find anywhere in New Mexico. Don’t… Read Article →

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