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Such a great blues voice and such charisma.  Here’s a damn good tribute by Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone.  I’ve not seen/heard anything by Joss that didn’t remind me of Janis.  She and Melissa together is just over the fuckin’ top..    

Goodness. I have wanted a Digitech 2112 for twenty years, and now I finally have one! I am totally jazzed! Rack mount Digitech processors were a must-have for the blues rock and metal music I grew up on, though I think the 2112 was actually introduced in the 90s. I like the way the model number could be a reference to the great Rush album! Now that I’m taking lessons and becoming more serious about learning and practicing, I’m relying less on multiple effects pedals to “play for me” – and focusing solely on playing… Read Article →

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