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In loving memory of the late J.J. Cale, my new “After Midnight” cake features Swiss chocolate, coconut, dark Mexican chocolate and a hint of Indonesian vanilla.    

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip cookies made with Mexican-sourced flour, sugars, cinnamon, vanilla and a tiny bit of anise. Chocolate chips are Nestle’s brand but the bag said they were born in Mexico. Dairy and pecans are locally sourced. The Mexican sugars and vanilla make these mild and smooth, full of subtle flavors! ¬†Yummmm!

Parts list: 2 Oreo chocolate cookie pie crusts 2 Pkgs Jello Coconut Cream pie filling 1 Whole vanilla bean 1 Pinch instant espresso powder 1 Large 75-85% dark chocolate bar 1 Small bottle Hershey’s dark chocolate shell syrup 1 Pkg sweetened coconut flake 1 Pkg Coolwhip extra creamy topping 2-1/2 Cups whole milk 1 Cup Half-n-half Instructions: Set Coolwhip topping to thaw, grate chocolate bar, and extract vanilla from bean; Combine pie filling mix with 2-1/2 cups milk and 1 cup half-n-half; Add 1/2 cup coconut flake, pinch of espresso powder, vanilla, and all but… Read Article →

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