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In loving memory of the late J.J. Cale, my new “After Midnight” cake features Swiss chocolate, coconut, dark Mexican chocolate and a hint of Indonesian vanilla.    

Parts list: 2 Oreo chocolate cookie pie crusts 2 Pkgs Jello Coconut Cream pie filling 1 Whole vanilla bean 1 Pinch instant espresso powder 1 Large 75-85% dark chocolate bar 1 Small bottle Hershey’s dark chocolate shell syrup 1 Pkg sweetened coconut flake 1 Pkg Coolwhip extra creamy topping 2-1/2 Cups whole milk 1 Cup Half-n-half Instructions: Set Coolwhip topping to thaw, grate chocolate bar, and extract vanilla from bean; Combine pie filling mix with 2-1/2 cups milk and 1 cup half-n-half; Add 1/2 cup coconut flake, pinch of espresso powder, vanilla, and all but… Read Article →

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