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Let’s just give everyone a gun…

and go out in the street to shoot at each other.

I am so fucking angry about the way our country has treated the firearm issue.  NOBODY in a free and peaceful nation needs an AR-15 or AK-47 rifle.  NOBODY.

NOBODY in a free and peaceful nation needs a large-magazine handgun.  NOBODY.

Our second amendment is valid.  We need our ability to quickly raise a popular militia.  But we do NOT need citizens keeping multiples of military-style weapons.

Paddock was NOT to blame for the Las Vegas massacre.  Paddock was sick.  A seriously sick individual who was able, easily, to acquire an arsenal of dangerous weapons.  Did Paddock need these weapons?  No.  Did anyone suspect that Paddock had such an arsenal?  No.

I don’t care if you’re Jesus Christ himself.  You have no right, no reason, no cause to possess such weapons.  I’m sorry, but I’m a Christian first.  I’m an American but I’m a Christian first.  Love & tolerance is our code.  We lay down before our enemies.  We rely on God.  We are strong because we have faith.  Period.

I will stand up against ANY person who owns a firearm and claims to be a Christian.  Own a gun or be a Christian.  You decide.  Fuck you.  You can shoot me while I bear witness to the power of Peace.

I’m not armed and I don’t want to be armed.  I don’t need a primitive weapon to know I’m strong.  Bring it.  My faith is a LOT stronger than whatever you think you get from a fucking gun.

If you’re male, this is especially addressed to you.  We don’t need guns to be good sons, fathers, husbands or grandfathers.  In fact, those of us who really care have no guns at all.  I would much rather be the grandfather who never had a gun and taught his grandchildren to never give in to this insane gun culture.



Illegal Marijuana is Deadly

It seems Texas has a bill before its legislature to decriminalize marijuana. Interesting the bill has been introduced in one of the nation’s most conservative states by one of its more conservative legislators.

I seriously doubt, though, that Texas (or any of our border states) will decriminalize marijuana. Legal marijuana is significantly less harmful than legal alcohol, but illegal marijuana is deadly. That’s why it lies at the very heart of the US War on Drugs.

Illegal marijuana and undocumented firearms are the leading causes of the genocide occurring South of our border with Mexico. Illegal marijuana and undocumented firearms are problems we own. We are responsible.

We don’t know for sure how harmless legal marijuana is, but new reports from Colorado and Washington indicate it’s hundreds of times less harmful than legal alcohol. Probably less harmful than a whole bunch of legal substances. A Colorado study found that drivers who’d used marijuana had a 5% higher chance of being involved in an accident, whereas drivers who’d consumed one alcoholic beverage increased their chance of by hundreds of percent.  Hmm.

We do know, absolutely, that illegal marijuana (as opposed to its legal counterpart) is destroying countless lives and causing thousands of tragic deaths in Mexico. More than 20,000 unsolved murders and “enforced disappearances” per year in Mexico are attributed to drug cartels who derive half of their income (a conservative estimate) from selling illegal marijuana in the US (and who obtain nearly ALL of their firearms through undocumented transfers in the US).

But if we take away the money then we destroy the enemy – and without an enemy we have no need for our war machine.

The United States’ illegal marijuana and undocumented firearm transfers are causing genocide in Mexico. We are responsible.