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It’s refreshing to see mainstream media beginning to report more frequently on the terrorism occurring on the other side of our Southern border.  Mexico is now considered the second-most dangerous country in the world (Syria is currently the most dangerous country). It’s even more promising that Rex Tillerson has clearly identified the root cause for the gruesome war zone that Mexico has become: US demand for narcotics and US provision of firearms. However.  We need to understand the vagaries of news reporting and statistics.  First, the War on Drugs did not begin in 2008.  It… Read Article →

Forty-thousand lives will be lost this year to the terrorism in Mexico caused by US drug policy. Since the US has shown little or no interest in stopping the terrorism it’s causing, can we at least have the decency to welcome and shelter Mexican citizens crossing our Southern border? The United States Government has a moral obligation to facilitate easy immigration by all Mexican people seeking to escape the holocaust WE have caused in their homeland.  Those caught smuggling drugs from Mexico into the US are particularly vulnerable and must be given safe harbor.  For them,… Read Article →

Many would agree that Mexico is our best neighbor. Not only do we share a 2000-mile border, we share many common interests in commerce, international policy, religion, and the environment. So why do Americans disregard, or simply ignore, the terrorism and wholesale murder of thousands of Mexican citizens caused by the US-led War on Drugs? Why don’t we care that our best neighbors are enduring the worst terrorism of the 21st century? Perhaps it’s arrogance or discrimination.  Maybe both.  The fact remains that a majority of Americans don’t know what’s happening in Mexico – or… Read Article →

de·sa·pa·re·ci·do /ˌdesəˌpärəˈsēdō/ noun plural noun: desaparecidos (especially in Latin America), a person who has disappeared, presumed killed by members of the armed services, the police, or organized criminal gangs. The sheer numbers are hard to fathom. It’s conceivable, even probable, the death toll in Mexico from the US-led War on Drugs over the last ten years surpasses 100,000.  Statistics cited by news sources, and warnings from United Nations, indicate at least 10,000 and as many as 20,000 unsolved murders and disappearances per year – 5,000 or more per year for several years running in Cd. Juarez alone – attributable… Read Article →

It seems Texas has a bill before its legislature to decriminalize marijuana. Interesting the bill has been introduced in one of the nation’s most conservative states by one of its more conservative legislators. I seriously doubt, though, that Texas (or any of our border states) will decriminalize marijuana. Legal marijuana is significantly less harmful than legal alcohol, but illegal marijuana is deadly. That’s why it lies at the very heart of the US War on Drugs. Illegal marijuana and undocumented firearms are the leading causes of the genocide occurring South of our border with Mexico…. Read Article →

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