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I beg to differ with the travel guides who call the Lower Hondo Valley the most scenic place in New Mexico.  It’s indubitably a beautiful little valley where I live, but our state has some mighty scenic places – like the Rio Costilla Canyon Southeast of the town of Costilla. We spent the weekend exploring the high country of the Northwest Sangre de Cristo range – mainly places in the Questa Ranger District – and had a wonderful time camping in the high meadows surrounding the Rio Costilla.  The drive up through the Rio Costilla… Read Article →

Kalya Scintilla played Saturday night at the Startribe music festival on Taos Mesa – and his show was excellent!  The whole Startribe experience was an ideal introduction, for me, to the local scene.  Playing music outdoors here is complicated by our infamous wind (especially out on the mesa!), but I thought the sound system was up to the task.  We were on our feet wigglin’ for nearly all of Scintilla’s set. I was pleased to see so many splendid dancers live in the community, and thrilled by all the fire dancing and poi! There was… Read Article →

I’ve about concluded I will not be able to continue living in New Mexico without a car.  Things are too spread out, I’m 20 miles from the hospital where I have constant appointments, and I simply cannot afford to buy a car – especially knowing I could move back to Texas, where I have more social support and it’s easier to get places without a car, and not need a car. I’m heartbroken because I like New Mexico and most of the people I’ve gotten to know here; but I need to be making changes… Read Article →

New Mexico Medicaid discriminates against parents who pay child support. My monthly income from disability is barely above the eligibility requirement for New Mexico Medicaid – unless I pay my child support. Then it’s significantly below the eligibility requirement. Why does Medicaid punish me for paying child support? Interestingly, if I go to prison for non-payment of child support (because I have to pay for private health insurance instead) then I will qualify for Medicaid by virtue of being a prison inmate. I asked Medicaid for an appeals hearing several months ago. They acknowledged my… Read Article →

These guys have been in the trees behind the house for the last couple of weeks.  We’ve seen many more than we saw last year, maybe because of all the rain we’ve had.  It rained more than an inch here last week.    

Yellow Claw plays ABQ tomorrow night!!! Here they are just a few nights ago in Netherlands.  This was probably the last gig before they left Europe for the Albuquerque show…

I don’t recall ever finding Chile Puya in Texas or California markets. It’s common in Southern Mexico, where I remember buying it in the market at Tecomán, Colima. Spicier than New Mexico or Pasillas but not as hot as Chile de Arbol – and almost a cherry-like fruitiness. Delicious find in Albuquerque at Los Altos Ranch Market on Atrisco.     Taco sauce: 2 cups loose chile puya without seeds or stems 1 Tbs cominos 1 Tbs minced garlic 1 Tbs olive oil 1 Tsp kosher salt Cover the chiles with water in small saucepan and… Read Article →

Here’s an awesome new streaming music service for EDM-heads (and feets).  The drum & bass feed is outstanding. Drum & Bass feed from Beatgasm

Ingredients: 10 oz bag New Mexico red chile pods 12 oz bag frozen chopped spinach 3/4 cup chopped sweet onion 3/4 cup cooked pinto beans (drained) 1 tablespoon minced garlic 3 tablespoons olive oil How to do it: 1. Carefully remove the corazones, or “hearts”, from all of the red chile pods. Throw out the seeds and outside stems for the birds, and save the flesh of the chiles in an airtight container for making enchilada sauce. This is a tedious process, but the flavor of the corazones is wonderful, subtle and unique. I like… Read Article →

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip cookies made with Mexican-sourced flour, sugars, cinnamon, vanilla and a tiny bit of anise. Chocolate chips are Nestle’s brand but the bag said they were born in Mexico. Dairy and pecans are locally sourced. The Mexican sugars and vanilla make these mild and smooth, full of subtle flavors!  Yummmm!

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