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We have camped much of the Summer on land in far northern New Mexico that is managed by Rio Costilla Cooperative Livestock Association (RCCLA). ¬†From what I’ve seen over the Summer, this organization does the best job in New Mexico of managing and maintaining the vital habitat and wildlife of the Sierra Sangre De Cristo. It’s pretty cool to see that a for-profit organization (private ranchers) are doing a better job than ANY of our national forests of preserving ancient grasses, protecting one of our country’s most delicate wild trout habitats, and operating a truly… Read Article →

In the final analysis, meditation is about changing my physical perspective in the real world. It is not about changing anything between my ears. For the longest time I believed meditation was about causing some sort of magic to occur in the mind. It was about achieving some sort of transcendence or about perceiving some special voodoo that I’ve been missing. It was supposed to be about making the mind still, focusing on breathing a certain way, or a whole raft of mental processes – focusing on nothing, focusing on something, clearing the mind of… Read Article →

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