Terrorism in North America

It’s refreshing to see mainstream media beginning to report more frequently on the terrorism occurring on the other side of our Southern border.  Mexico is now considered the second-most dangerous country in the world (Syria is currently the most dangerous country).

It’s even more promising that Rex Tillerson has clearly identified the root cause for the gruesome war zone that Mexico has become: US demand for narcotics and US provision of firearms.

However.  We need to understand the vagaries of news reporting and statistics.  First, the War on Drugs did not begin in 2008.  It began in the early 1990s (homicide rates skyrocketed in Cd. Juarez, the most coveted artery into the US).  By the late 90s the border cities of Matamoros, Laredo, Cd. Juarez, Nogales and Tijuana had become unsafe for tourists.

And the statistics, even today, are grossly under-reported.  Since the compilation of crime statistics is a moving target in Mexico – because authorities themselves are accountable for much of the violence – we may never know the true number of deaths attributable to the problem WE have created for our neighbors to the South.

I stopped collecting/analyzing reports of violence in Mexican newspapers, about five years ago, when I realized the terrorism was FAR WORSE than anyone was reporting.  My estimate, based on years of analysis, is that well over a million Mexicans have died in the War on Drugs – a war wagered by Christians against Christians.

Even if we’re able to be honest with ourselves about the mortality statistics, I think it’s important for people in the US to acknowledge we’ve caused the worst kind of terrorism this world has ever known.  People boiled alive in vats of lye and acid.  Folks buried alive or thrown overboard in the Pacific, people flayed alive and left to suffer – sometimes for days – until they succumb to pain and dehydration.

Even ISIS has “rules” about the taking of human life.  Things like waterboarding or beheading are tender and caring – in comparison to the wholesale horror being perpetrated on the people of Mexico.  I read just yesterday, of a woman in Coahuila, whose four children and husband had “disappeared”.  She’d reported the disappearance to local authorities, who told her there was no evidence of a crime – just a missing person.

Four months later a mass grave was found near the woman’s home.  Her children had been raped, terrorized, and flayed alive.  Her husband had been forced to witness these atrocities before he, too, was buried alive with his dead children.

What is terrorism?  Our US government uses the term constantly so it’s become ubiquitous and distant from our psyche.

The worst terrorism of the 21st century is occurring 300 miles South of where I am sitting now.  Think about it.  Do you want an individual skilled in eyelid removal or scalping to be drifting in/out of our country?  Remember.  WE caused this.