Testing Blogpad Pro

I’m mostly just testing Blogpad Pro, an Ipad app that allows me to post and manage a WordPress site without having to go to a standard browser or use the bloated web interface. 

So far, so good!

We are starting to experience some frigid weather in far Northern New Mexico!  I believe there has been significant snowfall on all the peaks around Wheeler (mainly shrouded for several days), but we’ve only had a half inch here as this first big storm of the season passes over. However, we’ll see moderate winds over the next several days with temperatures plunging into single digits at night. 


I wish I could find some wool legwarmers to wear over jeans, as I still don’t have adequate layers or coverage on my legs. I still need to acquire some wool scarves, too, and definitely a wool balaclava!  Hoping to get my Phutureprimitive hood, too, before this weather bullshit gets worse!!

Can you dig it?!?!  Startribe is plotting an outdoor rave at TMB for the middle of December?!?!  There probably aren’t 300 serious ravers in this community; but we’re a diehard bunch!  We love our heavy bass music and pyrotechnics!  A badass bonfire can make the whole experience worth having!

On a less cheery note, the Texas Attorney General is still trying to collect child support payments more than double the amount authorized by the current child support court order. In today’s political environment it’s easy to see the Texas AG can get away with violating the court orders I was told to obey. 

It’s pretty sad that my children’s mother is now receiving more child support than she ever did when I was well enough to work – yet I’m now 100% disabled and terminally ill.  I can’t afford prescriptions or critical treatment, yet my kids’ mom is getting the fattest monthly child support she’s ever gotten. 

It really sucks for my creditors, too. I’m now in the lowest income group of all those below the poverty-line in New Mexico, and I barely pay my most important current necessities – But I’m left with no money for paying all those who’ve helped me so much since I got sick five years ago. 

The sun came out and we’re having snow flurries, so I’ll bet we’re now heading straight into the deep freeze!