The Long Wait is Over


Digitech 2112

Goodness. I have wanted a Digitech 2112 for twenty years, and now I finally have one! I am totally jazzed!

Rack mount Digitech processors were a must-have for the blues rock and metal music I grew up on, though I think the 2112 was actually introduced in the 90s. I like the way the model number could be a reference to the great Rush album!

Now that I’m taking lessons and becoming more serious about learning and practicing, I’m relying less on multiple effects pedals to “play for me” – and focusing solely on playing better and developing tone. I’ve got the 2112 running against my all-tube Vox Night Train, and mainly using the drive and tube path of the 2112 to build fat tone. It sounds fantastic! Pretty good clean jazz tone, too.

I was really lucky to find a 2112 this late in the game. They’re anything but expensive, especially if you’re willing to buy one with some cosmetic issues; but they’ve gotten really hard to find in any condition! ¬†Only 2-3 have turned up in the GC system for the last 5 years (or longer), and they’ve all but vanished from Ebay.

I know a lot of hardcore blues and rock fanatics are predicting these things will skyrocket in value so, given the scarcity I’ve encountered and the sheer number of famous artists who’ve used them, this one will likely be worth more than I paid very shortly.

I’ll keep playing with it for awhile, and comparing it to different pedals I’ve been using; but I’m betting I’ll be selling most of my effects gear and relying entirely on the 2112. I’ve already decided the compression characteristics are better than my 4-knob Keeley; and drive through the pair of 12ax7s is wayyyy better than my Ibanez Tubescreamer or the EHX Soul Food. The replication of SRV’s basic tone is very good. So far I’ve not felt the delay effects were quite as good as my Echorec, but I haven’t yet done a real apples-to-apples comparison.

I haven’t opened the cover yet but it sounds like the 12ax7s are GTs or worse; so replacing with some good russian tubes is going to make this thing sound even better!

Needless to say, practicing has moved up to a whole new level of fun!! I probably won’t be able to copy Johnny Ramone’s tone precisely, but I bet I can get close enough! Oh wait. I’m supposed to be improving and getting past the spot where punk was all I could play!