Two good documentaries

I’ve posted here before on the subject of legalization because I’d analyzed the facts with respect to deaths of innocent people in Mexico (still occurring) in the War on Drugs. I have family and friends in Mexico, and the sheer number of people ‘caught in the crossfire’ is staggering and tragic.

Since then I’ve hunted down two good documentaries about this war:

How to Make Money Selling Drugs ; and
American Drug War: The Last White Hope

Neither film gets up close and visceral about the situation in our neighboring country, but both are educational and worth seeing.  Both are overly sensational, too, so not terribly outstanding as documentaries.  ‘How to Make Money..’ is a recent release that’s more entertaining and more likely to bring attention to the matter now; but there are lots of facts and some great points made in ‘American Drug Wars’.

For example, we teach our youngsters through laws and culture that drugs are dangerous.  Our teenagers invariably try marijuana and think, “well this doesn’t seem very dangerous to me,” and then conclude erroneously (as teenagers are want to do) that, “gee, I guess drugs aren’t as dangerous as they said.”

Good point.  Good good point. If it’s to methamphetamine or PCP, the next step our kid makes could be a real show-stopper.

Both films have bad titles IMHO, but see ’em if you haven’t.